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Sherberton Stepping Stones across the West Dart River

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

15/02/2019 - Another glorious February morning so I decided to visit a place I'd driven past many a time situated between Dartmeet and Two Bridges along the B3357. I'd seen the tree line in the distance from the road and always thought it looked like an interesting place but was unsure of access/right of way, so I logged into Google Earth to plan my route.

It's just over a km to reach the Steps, an easy descent apart from it being very boggy in places, you'll definitely need appropriate footwear. It may be better during the Summer months but I've been told a visit during a long dry spell in May had similar terrain. I had to backtrack several times to avoid certain places but if you don't mind getting your feet wet it shouldn't be a problem.

Upon reaching the Steps I realised I'd found another magical place I'd have to add to my favourites list. I'd all but given up thinking I'd discovered the best of Dartmoor, I thought all the hidden gems had been explored but this goes to show there's probably still many more out there. Once again, I was all alone, no one in sight, I was sure in the 2 hours I was there someone would come walking past, but no, I had it all to myself.

Waking across the Steps was a terrifying experience, only because I was holding an expensive camera in one hand and a tripod in the other, any sane person would have packed it away just in case but no, not me, it was a delight to reach the other side unscathed.


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